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We share the same point of view underlying  our project

● Technological startups lead innovators to the leadership;
● Microalgae boosts areas such as food, water, energy, health and beauty;
● Microalgae is a fast growing healthy food;
● Microalgae gives solutions of the hunger problem;
● The result of our work must be the equipment, technologies, food, knowledge in above mentioned areas;
● R&D and implementation work connects different scientific directions enriches scientific knowledge and creates new advanced products.

We have created

● low-cost equipment and technology suitable for Russian climate conditions for year-round cultivation of microalgae of different cultures;
● methods for extracting valuable substances from microalgae;
● way to deliver to the end-user useful substances contained in microalgae via products for daily use;
● our own production and processing of microalgae and manufacture products from it.

Innovations and technological upgrade creates opportunities for growing new microalgae crops, expands the potential of related industries,  creates new products, opens up new areas of application.

situation overview

We are looking for a partner in the EU to set up a joint venture in Europe. Using our proprietary technology we will produce the unique products from microalgae. European buyers will appreciate it. 
Our team
  • R&D
  • Innovation and implementation
  • Production and sales 
  • Business administration, project and startup management
  • Economics & Finance
  • PR & GR

Victor Babushkin

Co-founder and Project Lead. Developer 
Director of innovation
Board chairman

Andrey Rubin

Doctor of Biology, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Director of research and development.

Alexey Strelnikov

Board member

Victoria Tretiak

Production director
Board member

Core-technologies and know-how

● universal device that provides optimal conditions for the growth of phototrophic, thermophilic microalgae and microorganisms
● method of microalgae cultivating (Spirulina, Chlorella, Cylindrotheca and other): inexpensive, energy efficient, simple in use, easy-scaleable
● method of production of salts enriched with microalgae and substances from microalgae 

Commercialization - from R&D to final products

Health and Beauty

The product line "Green sea" (TM) for professional and home use.
Includes products with transdermal effect for skin and hair care: SPA-complex (hair nutrition and growth boosting) nourishing mask, nourishing scrub, bath salts.

Organic phycocyanin

Blue salt enriched with organic phycocyanin got from microalgae.


Sea-salt enriched with microalgae and substances from microalgae and other products.

Organic agriculture
Pet products

Liquid feed Supplement, granular feed.


office 335, 42c1 Bolshoy boulevard, Skolkovo Innovation center, Moscow, 143026